• Photometric Performance


    We provide our customers with a seamless process; from concept – through R&D to full compliance.

    We provide your company with access to considerable experience and expertise, plus state of the art product
    testing equipment and laboratory facilities.

    Light whether steady state or flashing/pulsed source is a science in itself to measure accurately for compliance to standards, we can support you with…

    The Artificial Optical Radiation Directive (AORD) as of March 2009 is housed under the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) which is a requirement for CE Marking.

    AORD requires an assessment of the optical hazard employing the use of standard IEC 62471/CIE S009. LUX-TSI offers testing to assess the optical hazard from UV to NIR of any light emitting sources, including pulsed lamps, LEDs and other sources.


    1. Testing of LED Modules, Lamps and Luminaires
    2. Testing of Electronic Consumer Products and Lighting Drivers
    3. Qualifying your products to emerging standards
    4. Providing custom and industry standard reliability tests
    5. Providing advice and consultancy on product approvals and testing best practise

  • Electrical Safety and testing


    Testing can be performed for pre-compliance, compliance and test plans defined by the customer.
    We offer a very flexible approach in assisting our customers to conform to the appropriate levels of compliance and testing.

    We assist our customers in understanding the test methods and standards used to measure their products effectively.

    Independent safety certification assisting our customers in testing based on our extensive expertise and highly skilled in dealing with certification agencies across Europe and outside Europe giving an invaluable asset to customers seeking 3rd party certification for their products.

  • Industry Accreditation – EMC/EMI


    We have a new facility that is providing independent testing services through UKAS accredited laboratories and quality management systems conforming to ISO IEC 17025.

    We can support companies from basic research such as LED module performance through pre-compliance testing and then in conjunction with our market partner UL ( for fully accredited testing to international standards and performance schemes such as Energy Star, Lighting Facts, ErP Directives, ENEC and UL. marks.

    Through partners we provide EMC/EMI information and results on electrical behaviour and EMI susceptibility.