Our Mission

Ideas, concepts into product

As you’ll see from previous case studies, we take you concept assist in shaping design parameters, filter out wasteful steps and help your project convert into operational product fit for purpose.

PCB design

An end-to-end process…Taking your first draft sketches …optimise design and produce file types to produce finished product, or to create development PCBs for further refinement.

Areas of Expertise to provide a full and rich service in one place

A broad range of competences for your R&D team to add disciplines to a product or project that you may not have in house. Product development

  • Electronics Design & Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Optical Design & Testing
  • Mechanical Design
  • With partners we can provide UKAS – UL compliance Testing
  • Inspection, Characterisation and Measurement

A Broad range of sectors

Gas & Petrochemical – Aerospace – Automotive – Transportation and Rail – Broadcast and TV – ICT – Security – Diagnostic and Measurement.