Technical Consultancy

Technical Assistance

We can assist in your technical due diligence making sure the specifications, quality and capability match desired outcomes, eliminating costly and often frustrating unnecessary stages in new product development.

In R&D, researching the viability of design and process and assessment through visualisations can often steer a project away from uncertainties and design compromises later.

R&D collaborations

We tend to know who is researching what, where and why. Often the by-product of this knowledge can bring mutually supporting collaborations together that become larger than the sum of their parts, bringing refined products to market sooner and with less technical impedance.

PCB from circuit design

We offer a service to customers for rapid prototyping – so we have the ability to create PCBs swiftly to take proof of concept quickly forward or prototype for a specific product line. Often this end-to-end approach is missing from electronic development and we find it is a service that accelerates the process at relatively lower costs.

All you need is the finished circuit design – we can produce the refined files and have the Printed Circuit Boards created.

Test and Measurement

We have access to full test and measurement services and where important can assist R&D projects to comply with industry standards, electrical compatibility and susceptibility to interference prior to expensive tests.

To provide value for money, the facilities can check pre-compliance validity prior to full compliance testing to give products the best opportunity for success.

Pre-compliance and Compliance

The standards and regulatory instruments change – for CE mark and UL marks there is a minefield to navigate through. We can provide a path through the process to match your product development and commercial aims and eliminate often costly steps that are not appropriate for your progress.